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Here's a simple guide to farm at RTC. Strike already made a comprehensive walk through, just thought I'd add some additional info and techniques. Hope this helps. Happy farming.

I'm not sure if it's coincidental or not, but there seems to be a pattern:

  • you either get an upgrade core highest (UCHH) on the first chest and a common item on the second chest.
  • or you get an a force core high (FCH) or force core highest (FCHH) on the first chest and a rare item on the second chest.

Another thing I noticed is that after 5 runs earning UCHH, the next run doesn't give out another UCHH, even if your a premium subscriber. On this run I'm on a subscription of 15days Premium + 30days Blessing Bead (BB+) + 40% Experience Blessing Bead. So my total bonus drop rate is at 50%, but that doesn't seem to affect the cycle of drops of UCHH in RTC. So far my maximum consecutive UCHH loots is 5.   Still this is a very good place to get rich easy.


Gud Luck Farming.^^

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This is Nice Kuya Rom. Most of the Things I've Missed in My Guide are Here. Thanks for adding it Up. I'm planning to Export Our Guide to the E-Games Game Guides Section. Combining Our Guides will make a Perfect Tutorial for People who are Really Confused on this Dungeon.


Keep It Up kuya rom. And Thanks for Improving the Site ^_^


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Enjoy Guys ^^

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